Last updated 26 January 2022


Lunar New Year:
Tuesday 1 February: CLOSED
Wednesday 2 & Thursday 3 February: 3pm - 12am

BERTIE IS OPEN every day
Monday > Saturday: 12pm - 12am
Sunday: 2pm - 10.30pm

covid-19 update

Bertie is now an even safer place than before, with a full and regular disinfection which is safe, non-toxic, EPA registered and odourless!
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Bertie has no known cases of Covid-19 amongst the guests or the team.

We ask all our aficionadas and aficionados to:
Wear a mask in the lift and lobby of the building
Use Bertie's numerous sanitisers
Let Bertie team check temperature
Scan the LeaveHomeSafe QR code


Totem Accessories
TOTEM is a collection of must-have accessories, of the best craft and with a unique twist, uniting aficionadas & aficionados in the same clan of sophisticated people with unfailing good taste.

TOTEM is also a tribute to Native American culture, the first who were using tobacco smoke to communicate with the gods and establish peace between tribes.



Bertie is very proud to have been nominated in the Top 5 Best Cigar Lounges (in the world!) by Cigar Journal
Bertie Cigar Lounge - Best Cigar Lounge nomination by Cigar Journal Trophies

Bertie’s hospitality

In the main lounge decked out in British racing green and comfortable armchairs reminiscent of the best English clubs, or on the breezy terrace overlooking Hong Kong’s busy-ness, Bertie welcomes both aficionadas & aficionados.

Bertie is equipped with a 24-hour temperature and humidity controlled walk-in humidor with members’ keeps, a main lounge and a private room.

Only cigars purchased in Bertie can be consumed in Bertie (by government regulations)
4/F, Duke Wellington House
14-24 Wellington Street
Hong Kong
Monday to Saturday: 12pm to 12am
Sunday: 2pm to 10.30pm
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Bertie is proud to be featured on LightEmUp GO - the cigar platform of tomorrow
A closed-community app, by invitation only: ask Bertie's team!

Bertie’s BRANDS

Bertie takes pride in offering a collection of premium brands from various terroirs:
Cuba, Honduras, Nicaragua & Dominican Republic.

In addition to the staple Habanos brands, Bertie proposes a large selection of:
Arturo Fuente, Ashton, Cumpay, Flor de Selva, Joya de Nicaragua, Mombacho, Padrón, Toscano & Villa Zamorano.

Bertie also keeps a special inventory of exceptional cigars, such as vintage Cubans or some equally rare puros.

Catering to aficionadas & aficionados of the best taste, Bertie offers a wide range of cigar-related accessories: cigar pouches, cutters, lighters... and candles.
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Proper attire is required
Flip-flops are not allowed in Bertie
Only cigars purchased in Bertie can be consumed in Bertie
(by government regulations)
Did you know...
It is bad etiquette to crush your cigar when you've finished it; just let it extinguish by itself in the ashtray
If you want to know more about cigar history and etiquette:
Contact us, we recommend Masterclasses from the...
Cigraal Academy

who is bertie?

Bertie is the nickname of King Edward VII (1841-1910), a play on his first name Albert
He was also known as the ‘Playboy King’, his reign was fairly brief (about 9 years) and he had built quite a reputation as a ‘bon-vivant’: a rake in his own right, sartorial trendsetter and pursuer of excessive pleasures.

Edward VII is well known for his profuse appetite for food, drink, sexual voracity and smoking... he is said to have been smoking 12 cigars a day!  

“Gentlemen, you may smoke”, King Edward VII once announced to his courtiers.
King Edward VII - Bertie
Bertie is also a fictional character by famous British author P.G.Wodehouse
Bertram "Bertie" Wooster is an ‘idle rich’ English gentleman; he becomes tangled in awkward situations while trying to help his friends, and is rescued by his wise valet Jeeves, who also helps him dodge sartorial disasters.
Bertie Wooster

contact bertie

Duke Wellington House
14-24 Wellington Street
Hong Kong

Tel: (852) 2619 9418

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Bertie is operated by Eric Piras & his team (Cigraal Ltd)